jQuery selectors lab

Here is a nice site for playing with jQuery selectors.



An open letter to micromanagers – Scott Berkun

I love the truth, it hurts sometimes, but this blog post is nothing but the truth.

Owners of thoroughbreds never stop their horses during a race, every ten seconds, to remind  the horse and jockey how to run, where the finish line is, or that it’d be a good idea to finish first. Why? It would slow them down. Only an idiot would do this.

If you’re a manager, you must assume you have thoroughbreds working for you. Your job is to give them what they need to win their respective races, agreeing with them on the goal  and rewards, but then getting the hell out of the way. Until they start jumping fences or attacking other horses, you have to let them run their race.

The self governed community wiki is the next killer app

With the success of Stack Overflow we also now have Stack Exchange.   The technology driving these sites is nothing ground breaking.  Lots of people make nice usable websites on the same platform.

These guys have revolutionized the Wiki.  The community concepts that drive this technology is indeed the next killer app in information technology.    Its the first of its kind, and will be mimic for years to follow.  The list of sites using this technology is growing daily and has no limits.

As you see in this post, I am linking to the most popular Wiki, Wikipedia.