UpdatePanel Async Postsback slow in IE….what!?

How can it be that this problem only occurs in IE.  It is their technology on their platform!

When using Internet Explorer to browse a page that contains an UpdatePanel, there is a delay (often anywhere between 10 seconds and 45 seconds or more) after clicking a page element that initiates an async postback. The delay is not experienced when using browsers other than Internet Explorer.

FYI,  FireFox’s performance is superior on the same code base in my experiences so far.  I have opened up a case with Microsoft, so we will see what the IE team has to say.  More to come…



2 Responses to “UpdatePanel Async Postsback slow in IE….what!?”

  1. UpdatePanel Async Postsback slow in IE…Part 2 « Rick Schott – devlpr.net Says:

    […] slow in IE…Part 2 August 27, 2009 — rick schott I have a small update to the slow UpdatePanel Async Postback […]

  2. Khaleek Says:

    You can make it fast by setting the UpdateMode property to “Condtional”. By default it’s value is Always. In case of Always Update Panel content update on each post back cause by any control on the page. No matter this control exist inside update panel or not.

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